Creative minds biography

Mitchell, Barbara O'Connor, Barbara Bowen, Andy Russell Alphin, Elaine Marie McPherson, Stephanie Sammartino Salas, Laura Purdie Weidt, Maryann N Gherman, Beverly Josephson, Judith Pinkerton Welch, Catherine A Aller, Susan Bivin Shull, Jodie A
1)  Raggin': a story about Scott Joplin
2)  The world at his fingertips: a story about Louis Braille
3)  Flying against the wind: a story about Beryl Markham
4)  Germ hunter: a story about Louis Pasteur
Carolrhoda Books
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6)  Discovering nature's laws: a story about Isaac Newton
7)  Father of the Constitution: a story about James Madison
8)  Fighting for equal rights: a story about Susan B. Anthony
9)  First son and president: a story about John Quincy Adams
10)  Bold composer: a story about Ludwig van Beethoven
11)  Farmland innovator: a story about Cyrus McCormick
12)  Living with the Senecas: a story about Mary Jemison
13)  Voice of the Paiutes: a story about Sarah Winnemucca