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Your temporary library card account gives you access to eBooks, digital magazines, article databases and online resources available outside of Library facilities (with the exception of You may also use your temporary account to place holds on items for pick up at any of the Library's open locations.

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  • Your temporary account is valid for only 30 days, and will be deleted if not activated.
  • Activate your permanent library card within 30 days, in person at any Library location. You will be asked for proof of identification and address (see a list of documents we accept).

Note: At this time temporary library cards will be valid for at least 60 days before proof of identification and address will be required. We understand a visit to the library is not possible at this time.

A permanent library card is necessary to check out library materials, use library computer workstations, and access

Note: This online form cannot be used for lost library card replacement, or by children ages 2-14.

Note: At this time, parents may apply for cards on behalf of their child. Please fill out the online form below using the child's name and birthdate.

Statement of Responsibility

By registering with this form I accept responsibility for all materials charged to this card with or without my consent. I am 14 years or older or am an adult applying on behalf of a child and accept all responsibility and agree to observe all library rules, promptly pay all charges, and notify the library of any changes to this information.

I understand that all library materials, including books, audiovisual items, electronic databases, and the Internet (World Wide Web) are available to all library users. I understand that I am responsible for my child's use of all library materials, including the Internet.

Library Internet Acceptable Use Policy

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